Pharmacy Project

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Project Description

On behalf of Beacon Medical Group and sponsored by Pfizer

Project Aim:

To ensure that patients are able to see the most appropriate person, in the most appropriate setting at the right time and receive services delivered by both General Practice and Community Pharmacy. The project will explore opportunities to eradicate unnecessary duplication of work. The project will identify which service is best placed to meet patient needs and desires, and will aim to also free up time all parties can reinvest in ensuring patients are enabled to be seen by the most appropriate person.


The project will seek to understand the benefits accruing to patients and the enhanced financial sustainability that can arise from increased collaboration between General Practice and Community Pharmacists.


As a component of the work the project will also work with stakeholders to redefine role profiles and job specs for General Practices, practice based pharmacists and Community Pharmacists and support staff in both General Practice and Community Pharmacy going forward, thus ensuring that the necessary framework is in place to ensure that patients are seeing right person in right place at right time.


The project will explore freeing resources to cope with more complex patients both in terms of enabling hospital discharge and also promoting care in the community.

The project will address issues of improving access to healthcare for all patients:

  • Patients struggling to access a healthcare professional when they feel they need to, who are currently left with little option but to go to the Emergency Department.
  • A patient education programme aimed at raising patient awareness of the options on offer and how to access the appropriate care from the appropriate person and service.
  • Explore where long term condition patients can seek trusted alternative sources of health care in their local community on a seven day per week basis.
  • Increase the number of available interventions.
  • Improve population coverage for public health initiatives particularly immunisation
  • Developing a community wide approach to improving public health and self-care

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