Planning and leading a Pharma Conference

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Project Description

MSD Conference

The Brief

MSD are a global healthcare leader providing innovative medicines, vaccines, therapies, and animal health products with the aim of providing services and products which promote health and wellbeing. They wanted to put on a one day event for key members of the Women’s health and vaccines team to encourage innovation, creativity and problem solving. They asked IHS to design and run an event for around 60 delegates within the UK team.

What we did

IHS designed an event which drew on speakers and facilitators from very different backgrounds. The key speaker was Jim Lusty of Upping your Elvis, specialists in building creative confidence and capability in business. Jim has the unique and sought-after ability to connect with people holistically to successfully innovate both their work and life, at workshops or speaking at conferences and events worldwide.

Jim was followed by one of our Associates, Jacqui Lyttle, who spoke about the NHS and change. Understanding and adapting to the rapidly changing NHS environment and ensuring effective connections with customers is crucial to MSD commercially and strategically. In this session IHS provided a contemporary insight into why the NHS needs to change and how the system architecture is being redesigned to ensure that it moves forward in a sustainable and reformed way.

The next stage of the day involved delegates taking part in workshops run by experts in Human Factors, Creative Problem Solving, Data Analysis and finally, Accountable Care.

The final part of the event was a panel discussion in which delegates could question the panel about the NHS, new models of care and how MSD could work with the NHS to support innovation.

What the delegates said:

I felt that the workshops today were really beneficial. The individuals taking them were very good, so I would like to thank them for that.

I liked that the day shows the NHS is moving as are we. It also allowed more insight into the workings of the NHS and the challenges they face moving forward.

Good balance between learning and fun.

Learnt to think differently and do differently – and have the autonomy to do that!

Trying something different and not giving up was a good reminder and motivational.

Delegates at the conference, MSD

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