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‘Catch a Cloud and Pin it Down’

‘Catch a cloud and pin it down’ refers to our ability to take an idea and help you make it a reality. So many good ideas and initiatives never make it off the drawing board. Our team of clinicians, consultants and trainers can work with your organisation to take your product or service all the way through to market – and help you make the most of the market opportunities. Whether you need access to our extensive network, practical support finding funding, guidance for product development or assistance negotiating NHS procurement, we can help you.

Making a difference to service provision

Insightful Health Solutions work with clients at strategic levels, for example to review population needs and service capability and match these to national/ local priorities and resources to produce deliverable strategies. We use our national and local networks to develop and recommend bespoke options e.g. federation models, new models of care provision, care pathways, service specifications etc.

  • Offer our clients opportunities to gain insight into new ways of working through preceptorship, shadowing and network programmes.
  • Find commercial opportunities through bespoke advisory boards and partnership programmes.
  • Design and deliver bespoke training packages, including understanding and navigating the NHS
IHS Solutions Clinical Panels

Clinical Panels & Advisory Boards

Clinical panels and advisory boards are formed to assist businesses and project teams who need access to experienced professionals to support and challenge them. Our team of clinicians come from across the NHS, life sciences and pharmaceutical sectors and most of them have experience of working at strategic levels. Our strength comes from combining clinical expertise and knowledge with management consultancy skills so that we can offer you the most appropriate team to deliver the outcomes you require.

Our Recent Clinical Panels & Advisory Boards Case Studies

Clinical Panels and Advisory Boards Insightful Health Solutions

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SME Support & Advice

Insightful Health Solution can support SMEs to not only navigate the NHS procurement system, but we will also be there to support your first steps into developing the clinical research backdrop which your product will  need to gain entry into the NHS market space. We will help with your new business concepts, setting up trials as well as research grant funding applications and much more. Our team of experts are on hand to give you practical help, support and advice.

Our Recent SME Support Case Studies

IHS SME Support

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Life Science Training

We are one of the few organisations who can design and deliver bespoke training packages for our clients.  We can run modular events or whole training programmes designed to help your workforce work more effectively within the NHS and pharmaceutical industries.

The NHS is a highly complex institution, with multiple systems, layers and processes. Our team of experts can support your business with training and development into NHS insights, commissioning and financial flow, pharmacy integration, new models of care and much more. If you are looking for a partner who will work with you to give your sales and market access teams bespoke training, that will grow your business, allow your teams to build better, more sustainable networks and have a thorough understanding of the changing NHS customer base, we are the partner you are looking for.

Our Recent Training Case Studies

IHS Services Life Science Training

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Project Management

IHS can work with different organisations to manage a project from start to completion, acting as the bridge between different stake holders. A recent project for Beacon Medical Group was sponsored by Pfizers. The project aim is to ensure that patients are able to see the most appropriate person, in the most appropriate setting at the right time and receive services delivered by both General Practice and Community Pharmacy. The project will explore opportunities to eradicate unnecessary duplication of work. The project will identify which service is best placed to meet patient needs and desires, and will aim to also free up time all parties can reinvest in ensuring patients are enabled to be seen by the most appropriate person.

Our Recent Project Management Case Studies

IHS Project Management services

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