Gamification at our Associate Day

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What makes IHS really stand out is their wide and expansive insights into the NHS and the commercial sectors. The Associate model provides clients with an unrivalled level of expertise and depth, accessed through a single point of contact.’ QUOTE

As IHS continues to grow its client base, we brought together 10 of our most experienced Associates to evaluate our successes, the market and the opportunities. Using gamification processes to stimulate discussion and creativity, the workshop yielded positive results, as well as identifying interesting services for IHS to consider.

The feedback of our first year of trading included comments of the depth and expertise of our Associate network, the commitment to quality and engagement, and our willingness to embrace innovation in our delivery methods and services. Opportunities we are actively considering include embedding Human Factors Performance training in our development programmes for clients, using gamification to increase engagement and marketing our ability to link SMEs to the NHS commissioning process. One of our strengths is our knowledge of the NHS and the pharma or life science sectors, leading to IHS delivering training programmes, Advisory Boards and helping bring products to market.

Going forward, IHS will continue to bring in Associates with clinical and consultancy expertise while ramping up our marketing of our services to SMEs in the pharma, health care and life science businesses.

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