Human Factors Training using virtual reality and immersive technology

  • Human Factors Training

Insightful Health Solutions are delighted to be working with Cineon Training to deliver human factors training and development.

Human Factors Training

Human Factors is about understanding human behaviour and performance; specifically what factors improve performance and which factors can be reduced or eliminated to reduce risk, improve safety and improve performance at work.  The goal of good human factors design is to accommodate all the users across the workplace.  Human factors recognise that the workplace needs to be designed and organized to minimize the likelihood of errors occurring and reduce the impact of errors when they do occur.Human Factors training originated in the aviation industry where the potential impact of a human error on an aircraft might lead to catastrophic loss of life. However, the useful of Human Factors in any situation where processes and communciation needed to be accurate and reliable meant that Human Factors was quickly adopted by many sectors including the NHS, manufacturing and the energy industry.

Together with Cineon Training, Insightful Health Solutions will build bespoke Human Factors training programmes, using the latest technology to bringing innovative, immersive and interactive solutions to training needs within the healthcare and life science market.

human factors training

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