The power of conversations in organisations

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Conversations power organisations even in today’s highly connected workplaces

Insightful Health Solutions is delighted to be working with communication and employee engagement specialist, Nigel Edwards. He is a firm believer that conversations change people and people change organisations which means helping leaders, people managers and other influencers across the organisation to shape a meaningful, productive and rewarding workplace experience.

Nigel helps leaders inspire and engage their teams in the purpose of the organisation by communicating a compelling strategic story; create a culture of ownership by helping to change the way people think and act towards achieving organisational goals, and partners effectively with HR and Communication functions to develop and implement a compelling Employee Value Proposition. He has also created and managed communities of change catalysts to establish new ways of working.

Nigel can also equip people managers with the specific coaching skills needed to conduct short, impactful coaching conversations with individual team members.

Nigel brings his experience and insights gained over 25 years with organisations like Pfizer, Roche and Merck, as well as medium-sized companies who have a remote un-connected workforce.

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