Richard Kirk, Chief Executive

Finding routes to market in the NHS for innovative products

The AHSN has been absolutely instrumental in opening doors and getting us into the right places. It accelerates innovation and it’s accelerating the adoption of our technology into the NHS.

Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Ann James, CEO

Mentoring NHS and Industry

I worked with Paula while she was Director of Commercial Development at the South West Academic Health Science Network. Paula organised a preceptorship programme between NHS Chief Executives and Senior leaders from the Life Science and Med Tech industries. The programme was very successful, allowing for exchange of skills and insights across varied sectors.
Paula is very professional and forward thinking. This initiative approach that she set up in the South West region was very successful and is something that the NHS and Life Science sectors have learnt from.

South West Academic Health Network

Kim Hannah, Communications Manager

Mentoring and support

I chose Paula as my mentor as I had a great deal of respect for her as an extremely experienced professional and a very trustworthy, honest person. Paula mentored me for a year whilst we worked at the same organisation and then continued to be a dedicated external mentor to me until I no longer required one. All of our sessions were very well organised, structured and fun – making them highly productive and enjoyable. The knowledge and experience Paula shared with me has been invaluable. She provided me with the skills and tools required to solve difficult situations and progress myself professionally and personally. I would highly recommend Paula as a mentor and feel privileged that I had been given this opportunity.

Ipsen Limited

Jo Phillips, Key Account Manager, Speciality Care Commercial Operations

Customer Mapping Workshop - Thank You!

Thank you so much for a really productive day yesterday.  It was a very useful exercise which gave me some great insight into ‘other’ customers over and above the Clinical teams that we generally work with and some great ideas on how to engage with these groups. I found it particularly interesting that the two territories/projects that we used as case studies pretty much mirrored each other in the type of customers that would impact each project but with completely different stakes and roles depending on what we are trying to achieve. The identification of Project Owner/Sponsor, Change Teams, Reference groups and Users really resonates with the way that I like to work and I am already applying this concept to my current projects which has already opened up a number of questions around my accounts. I think it would be a really great session to roll-out to the wider KAM team, and agree that this is not a once off exercise but needs to be visited regularly as a territory team. Thank you once again for taking the time to meet with us, it is greatly appreciated

Astra Zeneca

Karen Hughes
Paula has worked at a senior level in both the industry and the NHS and this shows in buckets. She applies her understanding of the drivers and barriers within the NHS to find solutions that benefit her client’s organisation commercially and the patients clinically. I can’t think of a better outcome.

Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry

Di Vegh, Portfolio Director

Endorsement from the ABPI

I’ve worked with Paula since the inception of the SW AHSNS, where she has led a number of key partnership projects between the NHS and the pharmaceutical industry. She has the rare combination of commercial acumen with NHS values, that enables us to deliver on work that improves patient outcomes. Her leadership skills have been pivotal at key points, particularly when projects are at risk of failure, and she has turned failure into resounding success. Paula has immeasurably improved relationships and mutual understanding, and I look forward to continuing to work with her going forwards.

Ipsen Limited

Sarah Robertson, Uro-Oncology

Customer Mapping

Just wanted to say thanks so much for an incredibly productive and insightful day! As I said earlier, I think it was one of the most useful things I’ve done! I think we have all got a bit stuck at times in knowing where else to explore and becoming too focused on a certain group of people. This really helped to open our minds to different areas, customer groups, how they influence each other and the assumptions we make. It was really useful to explore these areas and potentially overcoming various challenges. I will try to share this with my colleagues but I’m sure they would also benefit from this kind of insight and challenging the way we think. I look forward to continuing with this further and uncovering some new and receptive customers!

Beacon Medical

Dr Tim Bray GP Partner & Research Lead

Testimonial from Beacon Medical Group

Paula has been working with us over the last year and has project managed a number of new services and knowledge dissemination events including a new Long Term Condition self-management course and TEDMEDSW . Paula has the ability to draw from her unique background and experience in both healthcare and life sciences sectors. She is happy to share and connect to her excellent network, and has a track record of successfully delivering projects in a timely fashion. She has been a pleasure to work with, and we would highly recommend.